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Description: Vivusjousto is a loan product owned by 4finance Oy, who provides short-term loans to private consumers quickly via internet.

Credit limit 2000-3000 €
You can pay all at once or in installments
Open-end credit, flexible payback conditions
Withdrawal fee 0 euros

Benefits for customer: When unexpected needs happen, Vivusjousto is there for you. When your beloved pet needs to immediate care or home equipment breaks. Our promise “Close to you, even today” refers how easy it is to get Vivusjousto and to the beloved pet or laundry machine, which are still close to you because it was easy to get help from Vivusjousto.

Target group: Vivusjousto is used by ordinary, working-class citizens who need to have a flexible, permanent credit at their disposal.

Slogan: Close to you. Even today.


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